The Thrillah on Manila

Here is my old house on Manila St. in Oakland, California, as photographed by the photographer

Peter Mentzel in 1980, or close to it. This page was ripped from a page of Penthouse Magazine,

a porn magazine which competed with Playboy Magazine back then. Until now, 2016, I had never

seen this version of the picture. I guess it must have been fun to see perhaps the most extravagant

piece of steel yard art reproduced in such a prestigious magazine which, as I recall, featured endless high

quality close up photos of slimey bright pink banana slugs, at least I think that's what they were.

I shall never know, nor shall I care. An artist who thinks he can control where his creation will

appear or what it will be used for is like a mother who thinks she can control her child's destiny.

Still, it can be useful to know the phone number of a good intellectual property rights attorney.

Mark Bulwinkle / 2016 / West Oakland, California

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