"My Song of Oakland"

July 2018 Oakland California

Composed by Mark Bulwinkle

For the Dufwin Building

and John Hamilton


This page is brought to you through

the generosity of Mark "Dare to be

Dumb" Bulwinkle, our specialist

in all matters technical.






Installed, I dedicate my work to my older brother George,

the editor in chief of the Silver Hill Times, who was, after

all, the best painter. -Mark Bulwinkle-



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"My song of Oakland"

12' x 27' , wood and aluminum and acrylic paint

Located in the lobby of the Dufwin Theater building

on 17th St. in downtown Oakland, California, USA.

Many thanks to Langston Hughes for setting my sails.


Thanks to Roy and Clayton and Langston

And a tip of the hat to Jim Hardy and John Abduljami




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