Harrison House / Bay Bridge / Joshua Tree Project

Spring of 2017, Lou Harrison at 100 years old

Plant Trees and Make Art

Photos by Eva Soltes of Harrison House



The Gate Story


This gate was conceived in 2014 by Eva Soltes of Harrison House and the

American Artist Mark Bulwinkle. It was a joint undertaking. In 2017 Mr. Bulwinkle

designed and fabricated the gate you see here from re-purposed Bay Bridge

steel. Ms. Soltes's considerable efforts were critical to the completion of our gift to the

magnificent California desert. May birds of a feather forever fly together.

Mark Elliott Bulwinkle - 2017 -

Photo - Emiko Omori

Some assembly required

Ranch hand Mark Bulwinkle

Photo by Sadie Hazelkorn



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Harrison House in Joshua Tree, California, USA


Ready to dig



To code



Thanks to Matt and Dusty and Caterpillar




Matt thinkin' on it



Squarin' up






Dusty down under



Hydraulics. A man's best friend



Eighty year old rivited iron Bay Bridge bones in the California high desert



A left over bridge bone made good



Pouring mud






Caution, in more ways than one



Bridge Parts stuck in there


Matt and Dusty hangin' fine old rivited iron box beams


Dominique Moody and the left over bone part made good... with rocks


Ranch hand welding up in West Oakland, Ca.


Mister Sun, too


To see details of the gate click here


From El Norte in West Oakland, Ca.


To The Southland. Out there. Beyond Lucerne.


Rusty Dusty and Ranch hand Mark wrappin' it up

as took by Eva Soltice of Harrison House


On a breezy desert day Ranch hand Mark tyin' Bridge Bones together with 110/18


Bridge Bones Gate to Harrison House on Mt. Lassen Ave. in Joshua Tree, Ca.



Some Assembly Required


Take me to Ornametal Iron Works