Bulwinkle Plaza, California


All work designed, hand cut, fabricated, and installed in

1993 by the artist, Mark Bulwinkle, for The Catellus Corporation,

who developed and own the shopping center complex

located in Emeryville and Oakland, California, U.S.A.


Many people have asked, "What is that doing there?"

To that I reply, "You mean what is ART doing in a

public place?" Indeed, what is my art doing there?


The term Public Art is an oxymoron. Creation of art

is an individualistic and personal process. A committee

can no more decide upon what art is or should be than a

pack of hungry dogs can choose what kind of food to eat.

My committee has always been composed of me.

The bastardization by architects and bureaucrats of the

public art process over the last fifty years has been a

sad thing to witness. However, what is that doing there?






































What is that doing there?